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E-Commerce : Behind the Tech Scene


E-Commerce: Behind the Tech Scene is a series of webinars, starting in September 2020, focusing on new trends and technologies in the e-commerce sector. The topics we will cover include security, technical scalability, AI & personalization, and sustainability among others.

The global market is experiencing rapid change and the retail sector needs to adapt. The focus on building and utilizing better e-commerce tech in the best way possible becomes more crucial for successful and sustainable growth.

We will tackle different areas of e-commerce technologies with technical innovation in mind. 


The webinars will start in September 2020. Each one will feature a leader from the e-commerce sector as a speaker and some time for a discussion. 
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Is Your Mobile App


COVID19 has soared the demand for e-commerce but it has also opened the door to an increasing number of fraud attacks. Cybercrime has grown exponentially to be the leading concern for e-commerce businesses. Advances in technology have enabled fraud syndicates and opportunistic users alike to commit large-scale fraud attacks with ease. Learn about the malicious tools used and the latest trends to improve your line of defense.

The Tech Challenge of Logistics in E-Commerce

Logistics is an essential part of any e-commerce and getting it right can be crucial to sustain a growing business and happy customers. This talk will explore the technical considerations when setting up or scaling the logistics of your e-commerce business. From how to make your system bulletproof to how to deal with unstable APIs from your partners - learn what is best practice and what technical mistakes can be avoided.

The Tech Ecosystem Behind Scalable E-commerce

This session will aim to deep dive into David's expertise and first-hand view of the sector to understand where e-commerce tech is coming from and where it's going. Some of the topics will cover new trends in e-commerce, technological challenges and solutions around building scalable e-commerce solutions and of course fulfillment operations for a growing e-commerce business.

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Consumers are more motivated than ever to stay home and shop online, creating the ideal market conditions to fast-track, test, & launch new experience-driven mobile apps, sites, and touchpoints across their platform.

Forbes,  April 2020

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E-Commerce: Behind the Tech Scene is an entirely online webinar series! Join us from wherever you are in the world.


The webinar sessions will be running on a regular basis from early September 2020 onwards.

All webinars will be free of charge. Limited spots available.

Behind the Tech Scene webinars will offer insights from within the e-commerce industry, for the e-commerce industry.

Statista foresees the global e-commerce market will surpass $2 trillion in 2020. E-commerce companies wishing to get a good share will need to keep up with innovative e-commerce technologies.



Zartis is a digital solutions company with 100+ engineers distributed across Europe. We help companies foster improvement in how they build software and get applications built in a faster, better way through providing nearshoring, staff augmentation and consulting services. As a company, we have extensive expertise in building e-commerce technology. The purpose of this webinar series is to learn from the community through the insights shared by the speakers and attendees.


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