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Level Up is a CSR initiative, organized by Zartis, aiming to upskill refugees and asylum seekers across multiple European countries. It aims to provide focused training and help connect ambitious professionals with employers. 

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Program Details
Digital Marketing Professional Scholarships
Program Details


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3 ROUNDS of Level Up 


18 STUDENTS currently progressing through the program

5+ SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENTS in software & digital marketing jobs

why to participate in levelup
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⟩⟩ AllTalk Training has partnered with us to offer the Level Up alumni their Professional English Toolkit, covering essential business English and intercultural skills for the workplace. 

They have collaborated with the Level Up program.  How about you?

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More on the program:

levelup 2021 anouncement. LevelUp confirmed for round 3

Level Up 2021 Announcement

Level Up 2021

Level Up is confirmed for a third round, and this year in addition to software development, we are extending scholarships for Digital Marketing courses as well. Read more here.

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Success story: Interview with Level Up Alumni

Interview: How To Level Up

We have caught up with Mduduzi, one of our first graduates, who started a 1-year software internship program at HubSpot following his coding education. Read more here.

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Overview of the first two rounds of Level Up

Level Up 2019 & 2020

Here is an overview of the first two rounds of Level Up including details of the scholarships at the Code Institute and the DMI, as well as success stories. Read more here.

"The team at Ericsson uses Python and I had no experience in Python before Level Up. It certainly helped me understand the codebase. I think LevelUp definitely helped me get this job and will help me in my future career as well."

Syed Rizvi, Level Up alumni working at Ericsson in Ireland

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